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Here We Come

Here We Come

Tiger Drive

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Radar Talent Agency is thrilled to announce the release of TIGER DRIVE’s new radio single “Here We Come”. After discovering and signing NF to a landmark deal with Capitol Records CMG as their first hip-hop artist, Radar Talent Agency’s owner/agent Doran Eichenberg has been searching the world for that same level of talent and passion. In February of this year, after watching the music video for their song Legend, Eichenberg knew he had found what he’d been searching for: TIGER DRIVE!

What is TIGER DRIVE? TIGER DRIVE represents a powerful movement of unity that spans across cultural and societal barriers utilizing their music as the connective tissue that brings us into the very place EVERYONE wants, in their hearts, and desires to be: #TOGETHER

Some bands are just meant to be discovered. This is one of those cases and this new radio single is just the beginning of what’s sure to be an incredible ride! With a modernization and stylization that delivers vibe, energy, and a multifaceted chemistry among three brilliant musicians, Rock-tronic power trio TIGER DRIVE hits it out of the park with this latest release. 

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“Here We Come” is the introduction to this incredible band. They’re going somewhere. There will be more music…come with us. This is just the beginning.” – Josh Laurich 55 Promotions



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